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03-009-164-B Vampire Lord Sword (Medium)


3d Printed Models are considered handmade.

Most models are printed with supports and have a point of contact on the model.

Models are printed by demand.

Medium ( please allow 3-7 days handling time)

Large ( please allow 3-7 days handling time)

Huge ( please allow 4-8 days handling time)

Bust ( please allow 4-8 days handling time)

Gargantuan (Please allow 6-12 days handling time)


All models come with a base. Models are not glued together to insure

higher safety during shipping. Gluing models is for the most part easy

and we recommend Loctite Liquid Professional ( Not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed).

Recommendation of glue simply works efficiently.

Please follow safety recommendations as glue is very effective.

Resin printing Allows high detail to be captured while drastically reducing layer lines!

To leave you with a stunning model with little to no maintenance needed.

We Use high precision quality SLA LCD printers to produce our models. For any

adjustments to scale please contact us for options for your hobby or gaming ambitions!

Color of resin varies depending on supplies. Our most common is classic shades of grey/gray,

though gray blue is used for its excellent shading contrast for bringing out details.

All models come washed with high impact IPA and cured.


Miniature Scale chart

Medium : 28mm-35mm

Large: 50mm-70mm

Huge: 75mm-95mm

Gargantuan: 100 mm <

(Some models may be considered Colossal by game scale)



Wizardswaygaming is a licensed seller of physical prints of Epic Miniatures. Stl files or new or past models files can be purchased either by joining Patreon ( or at MyMiniFactory (

Vampire Lord Sword True Form

SKU: 03-009-164-B
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