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About us


My name is Drew.

Wizardswaygaming was formed from a strong passion to provide a fun and exciting experience. 

My friends and I have enjoyed many games from D&D , WOD, LOL, Pathfinder, LOTR, & other TTRPG , card games , & board games. (no affiliation, or sponsorship, Just good fun!) 

We always wanted to bring that enjoyment to others.

So that's why wizardswaygaming was created from a homestore, some friends circled around a table with cards one night and a gamemaster screen the next.

We'd love to hear about your fun and adventures through our instagram.

It's our want as well as our goal to bring awesome experiences from us to you.

We appreciate all your input and patronage.

We're a young but ambitious group.

though it is a home job it is my primary support. 

You are all amazing and it means so much to us to bring you something awesome as well!

Thank you from all of us, Drew & Company!



What is your return policy?

Wizardswaygaming (WWGaming LLC)

Does NOT accept returns or exchanges due to producing product by demand.

However, if there is any damage from shipping or problem with your order please reach out to us within 24hrs of delivery.

Handmade items as well as 3d printed items unfortunately tend to have some imperfections that can happen, though we do strive to provide great quality.  All models have supports removed by hand diligently as well as with care. Some require light sanding. Some post care may be preferred such as fine sanded, slight touch ups, and choice of primer.  For urgent post print care please inquire.

What are your payment methods?

We securely accept Visa card, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Do you offer custom prints?

We currently do not sell custom prints. We feature a select line of artists. We can alter print scale as desired within our means.
 We currently do not sell painted miniatures, though we may consider feasible projects. Please contact with possible project info. We do ink select translucent models featuring water, fire, spells, and other special qualities.  Should you have any specific requests please reach out to us with your requests and order details asap within 48 hours after your order is placed.
 Please contact with info on your project for further questions.

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